"Consult the Chef Menu Board" Large Clear Vinyl Dry Erase Cling

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*Use large chisel tip "EXPO" dry erase markers to avoid smears and stains.

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Enjoy the breeze as this freewheeling dry erase chef rolls confidently through your kitchen.  Just place him on any smooth, dust free surface and the area is transformed.  Create menus, grocery lists, notate special events, scribble fun notes, etc. 

You can also add little details to personalize your chef. Make him unique by adding facial features, more buttons, lines or colors to his uniform (notice the five example images to the left). Encourage your kids to think of healthy meal items so they can draw on the chef.  Give hints for someone to guess the next meal or mystery dessert. And with a few  quick wipes you can erase everything and create something new!

If you cook, or know someone who cooks, this is the perfect gift. Single or married. With kids or without.  Get yours now. . . and one for a friend.

Product size:  (approx.) 18 in x 24 in / Width x Height                    Material:  Clear Vinyl

Quick Tips:  Cling works best on smooth (non-textured) surfaces. If the static feature fades, a quick wipe with a damp paper towel will help to restore its adhesive properties.