"Got a Quote?" Dry Erase Zen Graphic Print

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*Use large chisel tip "EXPO" dry erase markers to avoid smears and stains.

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  •  If you want to remember a favorite quote or share a funny joke or thought, this dry erase print is the way.
  •  Feel free to impart some wisdom, a little interesting information or a particularly relevant truth.  
  •  You can express your feelings, likes or write out a daily affirmation.
  •  Provoke a laugh or "Hey, I like that!" without saying a word. And as a conversation starter at work, it just can't be beat.
  •  The Zen nature of the underlying image is very relaxing and has been surrounded with a vinyl faux frame border that will make your words stand out. 
  •  There is no real frame or border around this product. 
  •  This vinyl print is amazingly dry eraseable and allows you to make changes with a few swipes of a paper towel or eraser. 
  •  Easily be applied to any wall because it's self-adhesive vinyl. 
  •  Do not cut off more than a 1 inch strip of the paper backing at a time. (See application instructions below.) 

Product size:  (approx.) 27 in x 18 in / 18 in x 12 in / W x H      Material:  Vinyl 

Application Instructions:  If there are any bubbles or wrinkles in the printed vinyl you can use a squeegee or credit card to smooth them. After smoothing, just pull back the edge of the paper backing then cut and peel a 1/2 to 1 inch wide strip of the paper along all four sides of your vinyl print. Do not cut off more than a 1 inch strip of the paper backing at a time.  Next, apply your dry erase print to a smooth surface and you're ready to begin.  If the adhesion weakens in the future, simply cut off another strip of the paper backing and reapply. To remove the print simply take a top corner and peel slowly downward diagonally (for example at a 45° angle).